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Capture the Magic of Motherhood: Maternity Photoshoot with a Twist

At Mirrorless Photo Studio, we believe your maternity photos deserve an extraordinary touch. That's why we offer unique "Flying Dress" maternity photoshoots in the stunning landscapes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Limited-time Maternity Photography Package that includes stunning maternity photos and a heartwarming video – plus a chance to win the entire experience for FREE!

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Our photography services are all about creating lasting memories, and there is no better way to do that than with our maternity photoshoots. We have a variety of packages to suit your needs and budget, and we will work with you to create a customized experience that reflects your style. Our goal is to make sure that you have stunning, high-quality images that you can treasure forever. Book your session today and let us help you capture this unforgettable moment in time.

Maternity Photoshoot Packages: Prices

More Than Maternity Photos: Creating Lasting Memories

At Mirrorless Photo Studio, we understand that your maternity photoshoot is about more than just capturing images. It's about creating memories that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to discuss your maternity or baby photoshoot. We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs and budget and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Silver Package: AED850​

👉 1-hour Maternity Photoshoot
👉 (Studio or on Location)
👉 2 Gowns/props
👉 20 Edited Images via Online Gallery
👉 All unedited images provided.​

Platinum Package: AED 1700​

👉 2 hours Maternity Photoshoot
👉 (Studio & Location both)
👉 2 Gowns/props
👉 20 Edited Images via Online
👉 All unedited images provided
👉 Album 18cm x 18cm (10pages)
👉 BTS Video (2 min)
👉 Makeup

We may share a few pictures on social media.
Professional video editing is not offered for Free video reels. 
Child Safety Responsibility. Link

Platinum Package: AED 1350

👉 2 hours Maternity Photoshoot
👉 (Studio & Location both)
👉 2 Gowns/props
👉 30 Edited Images via Online
👉 All unedited images provided
👉 BTS Video (2 min)
👉 Makeup

Frequently asked questions: Maternity Photography

What is maternity photography?

Maternity photography is a specialized genre of photography that focuses on capturing the beautiful journey of pregnancy and the radiant glow of expectant mothers. It aims to create elegant and timeless portraits celebrating the joy, love, and anticipation of welcoming a new life.

Can maternity photography sessions transition into newborn photography?

Yes, maternity photography sessions can serve as a seamless transition into newborn photography. By capturing the complete journey of becoming a mother, from the baby bump to the newborn, you can preserve the precious memories of this transformative time.

Why is choosing the right photographer important for maternity photoshoot?

Choosing the right photographer is crucial for maternity photo sessions as it ensures that the sentiments of love and the magical moments of this particular time are captured authentically. A skilled photographer like Huma Photography at Mirrorless Photo Studio possesses the expertise and creativity to document emotions and create stunning images to cherish forever beautifully.

Do you have any tips or ideas for a successful maternity photoshoot?

Absolutely! Here are some tips and ideas to make your maternity photoshoot successful: 1. Choose outfits that flatter your baby bump and make you feel confident. 2. Incorporate meaningful props, such as baby shoes or ultrasound images. 3. Embrace different poses and experiment with movement. 4. Consider outdoor settings for a unique and natural backdrop. 5. Be fearless to let your emotions shine through - candid moments can make for beautiful photographs.

Should my partner be included in the maternity photo shoot?

Including your partner in the maternity photo shoot strengthens your bond with your significant other. It allows the photographer to capture your love and connection, creating meaningful and heartfelt images that showcase the journey towards parenthood together.

Are there any maternity photoshoots in the desert?

Maternity photoshoots in the desert are famous for their ethereal and raw beauty. The vast landscapes, golden dunes, and soft light create a captivating ambiance, allowing for unique and breathtaking photographs.

What are the different scenic locations for maternity photoshoots?

Maternity photoshoots can be held in various scenic locations, including studios, beaches, parks, and deserts. Each location offers its unique charm and can provide breathtaking backdrops for capturing the beauty of pregnancy.

Is it possible to have a maternity photoshoot in a park or beach?

Absolutely! Parks and beaches are fantastic locations for maternity photoshoots. They offer beautiful natural backdrops that can create stunning and unique portraits. Overall, parks and beaches are beautiful and versatile locations for maternity photoshoots. Just be sure to plan and choose the best time and location for your needs.

Professional Maternity Photography Dubai - Capture Your Pregnancy Moments

Are you looking for professional maternity photography in Dubai? Our expert photographers offer beautiful and creative pregnancy photoshoots.

Capture the beauty and excitement of your pregnancy with our professional maternity photography services in Dubai. Our expert photographers are dedicated to creating beautiful and creative photoshoots that celebrate this special time in your life. Whether you prefer an outdoor location with stunning backdrops or an intimate indoor setting, we ensure your maternity photos are timeless and unique.

Contact us today to book your session and preserve these precious moments forever.

Best Maternity Photographer in Dubai - Stunning Pregnancy Photoshoots

Discover the best maternity photographer in Dubai. We provide luxury and affordable maternity photography packages to capture your precious moments.

Our talented photographers specialize in creating stunning pregnancy photoshoots that perfectly capture the joy and anticipation of expecting a baby.

We offer a range of luxury and affordable photography packages tailored to your needs and preferences. Each session is designed to make you feel comfortable and beautiful, ensuring your maternity photos are spectacular.

Book your appointment today and experience the difference of working with Dubai's top maternity photographer.

Affordable Maternity Photography Packages in Dubai - Book Now!

Get the best deals on affordable maternity photography packages in Dubai.

At our studio, we believe that beautiful maternity photography should be accessible to everyone. That's why we offer a variety of affordable maternity photography packages in Dubai.

Choose from different package options to suit your budget and preferences. Don't miss out on this opportunity to document this special time in your life—book your affordable maternity photoshoot now!

Elegant Maternity Photoshoot in Dubai

Experience maternity photography in Dubai with our elegant and creative pregnancy portraits. Schedule your premium photoshoot today."


Experience the elegance and sophistication of luxury maternity photography in Dubai. Our skilled photographers specialize in creating artistic and refined pregnancy portraits that showcase the beauty and grace of expectant mothers.

From glamorous studio sessions to breathtaking outdoor locations, we offer a variety of settings and styles to suit your vision. Indulge in a premium photoshoot experience that includes professional styling and personalized attention.

Schedule your luxury maternity photography session today and capture the exquisite moments of your pregnancy.

Top 10 Maternity Photography Locations in Dubai - Stunning Backdrops

Explore the top 10 maternity photography locations in Dubai. Capture your pregnancy with stunning backdrops and professional photographers.

Dubai offers a wealth of stunning locations perfect for maternity photography. Explore our top 10 maternity photography locations in Dubai, each offering unique and picturesque backdrops for your pregnancy photoshoot.

From the serene beaches of Jumeirah to the lush greenery of Al Barari, these spots provide the perfect setting to capture your pregnancy glow. Our professional photographers will guide you through each location, ensuring your photos are both beautiful and memorable. Discover the best places in Dubai for your maternity shoot and book your session today.

Creative Maternity Photoshoots in Dubai: Unique Pregnancy Photography

Our professional photographers offer unique pregnancy photography ideas and sessions.

Embrace creativity with our unique maternity photoshoots in Dubai. Our professional photographers are passionate about creating one-of-a-kind pregnancy photos that reflect your personality and style.

Whether you envision a whimsical, themed shoot or a more natural, candid session, we have the expertise to bring your ideas to life. We use a variety of props, settings, and techniques to ensure your photos are as unique as your journey to motherhood.

Book your creative maternity photoshoot today and celebrate your pregnancy with originality and flair.

How to Prepare for Your Maternity Photoshoot in Dubai - Tips & Advice

Learn how to prepare for your maternity photoshoot in Dubai with our expert tips and advice. Ensure a smooth and beautiful photography experience.

Preparing for your maternity photoshoot in Dubai can help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Follow our expert tips and advice to get the best results from your session.

Choose outfits that complement your style and location, and consider professional hair and makeup to enhance your natural beauty. Bring along any props or personal items that hold special meaning.

Most importantly, relax and enjoy the moment. Our photographers will guide you through each step, making sure you feel comfortable and confident. Contact us for more tips and to book your maternity photoshoot today.

Family and Maternity Photography in Dubai - Capture Special Moments

Capture special moments with our family and maternity photography services in Dubai. We offer professional services for beautiful and heartfelt photos.

Celebrate the joy of family and motherhood with our family and maternity photography services in Dubai. Whether it's a solo maternity session or a combined family shoot, we create beautiful and heartfelt photos that you'll cherish forever. Each session is personalized to reflect your family's unique bond and love.

Cherish every moment of your pregnancy and newborn's arrival with our comprehensive photography services in Dubai. From the anticipation of pregnancy to the joy of welcoming your baby, we create beautiful and timeless images that tell your story.

Baby Shower: Celebrate Your Special Day

Capture beautiful memories of your special day with our baby shower photography in Dubai. Our professional photographers specialize in preserving the joy and excitement of your celebration, ensuring you have stunning photos to cherish. From candid moments to posed portraits, we cover every aspect of your baby shower, creating a comprehensive photo collection that tells the story of your event. Contact us to book your baby shower photography session and let us help you preserve these happy memories.

Document your unique journey to motherhood with our Dubai maternity photography services. Our professional photographers are dedicated to capturing the beauty and individuality of your pregnancy. Each session is tailored to reflect your style and preferences, resulting in beautiful and timeless portraits. Whether you prefer an indoor studio session or an outdoor location, we ensure your photos are of the highest quality.

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